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Temple Sinai Young Adults

Vision: We envision a strong Pittsburgh young adult Jewish community comprised of Jews of all backgrounds supporting one another.

 רוחנית משפחה

Mishpachah Ruchanit (Spiritual Family)

Mission: We will achieve this mishpachah ruchanit (spiritual family) through programming, individual outreach, and community connection.


My name is Rebekah Malkin, and I’m the Young Adult Engagement Director at Temple Sinai. As a Jewish Young Adult, at times I have struggled to find my place in the Jewish community. I’m so excited to lead our Young Adult program at Temple Sinai to help other young adults like me find not only their community but their mishpachah (family).

We want to hear from you! What programs would you like to see? Have you seen some cool community connection ideas you think we should try? Let us know! You can reach me at or at (412) 421-9715 ext. 121.

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Shabbat After Hours: Each month on the third Friday join us for wine, cheese, and good conversation after services in our historic Lockhart Lounge. We welcome Jewish young adults of all backgrounds! If you want someone to sit with at services, try our seat buddy (can we hyperlink?) program. Services begin at 7 PM. Check out our calendar for upcoming dates.

Tot Shabbat and Tot Shabbat Dinners: Each month on the third Friday enjoy snacks and schmoozing with other parents of young ones, then a half hour of song and dance for the whole family! Learn the Shabbat prayers and stories together. And once a quarter, we come together for a family friendly dinner with food fit for even the pickiest eaters. Check out our calendar for upcoming dates.

High Holy Days: Are you looking for a welcoming place of worship for High Holy Days? Join Temple Sinai for our community services. Whether this is your first High Holy days or one of many, we want to make sure you feel welcomed. If you need guidance in choosing the right High Holy Day Service for your family and interests, please email Rebekah Malkin at You can also participate in our seat buddy program in which we will match you up with a seat buddy or buddies who can guide you every step of the way. Just fill out the form below!

Special Classes & Events: From time to time we offer special classes and events just for young adults. Email Rebekah Malkin at to be added to our Young Adult mailing list so you don't miss out on the latest news!


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I want to get to know you! A mishpachah (family) is only strong if we listen to one another. Join me (Rebekah Malkin) for coffee, tea, baked goods, or ice cream — my treat. Share your fun programming ideas, your adorable pet photos, or silly kiddo stories. Each of you is an invaluable part of our young adult community, and your thoughts and feedback matter!


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We know it can be intimidating to come to services for the first time, or even the hundredth time! Where do I sit? When should I arrive? Does everyone stay after services for an oneg? And most importantly, who should I sit with?

We want to make sure that you feel like a member of our mishpachah (family). Fill out the form below if you would like a seat buddy for our Shabbat Evening Service, Tot Shabbat Service, or a High Holy Days service. Check out our calendar for upcoming dates.

Your seat buddy will meet you in the lobby ten minutes before services begin, talk with you about the service so you know what to expect, introduce you to our amazing and supportive community, and follow up with you the next week to get your thoughts and feedback.

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December 2019/January 2020 ChaiLights

As Hanukkah approaches, we are also approaching the end of my first year as the Young Adult Engagement Director and the beginning of my second. I have met so many amazing people, worked on all kinds of unique events, and have tried some creative approaches to communication to make sure our young adult community is up to date. I am so proud of what we have been able to do this year, but none of that would be possible without the help of each and every community member who attended events, volunteered, served on committees, and helped me bring new folks into our young adult community. 

Thank you for one fantastic year! And now in honor of my one year anniversary at Temple Sinai, I need your feedback once again. 

  • How are Temple Sinai and I doing?
  • What cool events would you like to see us do that we haven’t yet tried? 
  • What can we do in this second year to make our Young Adult Program 
  • even better? 

Send me an email or give me a call and let me know. The future of our Young Adult Community is bright! I am so grateful to be a part of that, and I hope each and every one of you is beaming with pride too.

Rebekah Malkin
(412) 421-9715, ext. 121

June/July 2019 ChaiLights

Innovation, inspiration, and inclusion. Those are the values that guide our community. And in the spirit of those high ideals, we are so excited to announce that we will be giving our young adult section on the Temple Sinai website a facelift so our online presence can best reflect our values. 

Innovate. How do you access most websites nowadays? I use my phone and I bet you do too. One way we will be innovating our online presence is by creating a phone app for Temple Sinai. Soon you’ll be able to pay your pledge, sign up for dinners, and check the directory quickly and easily from your mobile device.

Inspire. The theme for the new young adult webpage will be Mishpacha Ruchanit or “spiritual family.” We are so proud of the spiritual family that we have all created at Temple Sinai, and our new online presence will be a reflection of that. We hope to inspire excitement and capture the same infectious energy of a Shabbat After Hours or a Mostly Musical Shabbat online.

Inclusion. Most importantly, this website is about you! What do you think makes a website inclusive or welcoming? What can we do to make you feel like you are heard and your input is valued? Let us know! You can contact me at or (412) 421-9715 ext. 121. 

That’s just a taste of what’s to come. So keep an eye out. Coming to a computer (and a phone) near you soon!

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Thu, November 21 2019 23 Cheshvan 5780