Shabbat Evening Service—A Celebration of Philanthropy: The Mitzvah of Tzedakah

Every Shabbat is a time of celebration, but we'll take this time for a special celebration to honor Open Doors Award Honoree Eva Tansky Blum. 

Temple Sinai’s mission is to provide a welcoming and caring spiritual community for all those who wish to enter. The OPEN DOORS AWARD has been created to recognize those who have dedicated themselves to advancing this mission.

Tzedakah is equal to all the other commandments combined. - Bava Bathra

About Eva Blum

Eva Tansky Blum is the retired executive vice president and director of Community Affairs for PNC Bank. She also served as chairwoman and president of The PNC Foundation.

Eva worked with PNC’s businesses and regional presidents in establishing the strategy to position PNC as a leader in the community. She directed the company’s philanthropic programs, including PNC Grow Up Great, a $350 million, multi-year, bilingual initiative that began in 2004 to support quality early childhood education.

She joined PNC’s Legal division in 1977, became vice president in 1986, and was elected senior vice president and chief compliance counsel in 1990. Eva served as senior vice president and deputy general counsel/director of Regulatory Affairs for PNC, and as senior vice president and director, Comprehensive Risk Management and Compliance. Eva was named to her latest position in July 2002 before being promoted to executive vice president in February 2013.

Eva is Director Emerita and past-president of the Pitt Alumni Association. She co-chaired Pitt’s historic, record-breaking $2 billion capital campaign.

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