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Board Meeting Minutes, August 2020

FAQ about Clergy Transition August 2020

Board Meeting Minutes, January 2020

Board Meeting Minutes, March 2020

Special Board Meeting Minutes, April 4, 2020

Temple Sinai depends in large part on volunteers who give their time, energy, and expertise in helping our mission move forward. Our Temple Board comprises a cross-section of members who meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues particular to the synagogue values, goals, membership, and property. Substantially all board meetings are open to the entire membership.

The Executive Committee meets once a month to review in more detail the concerns of the day, the financial health of the organization, and long-range planning.

To get involved contact Drew Barkley, Executive Director, at (412) 421-9715 X 111.

View our 2020 Strategic Plan

View our Bylaws, Adopted 2018

2020-21 Leadership  

President: Saul Straussman
1st Vice President: Alison Yazer
2nd Vice President: Stephen Jurman
3rd Vice President: Elizabeth Collura
Treasurer: Jerry Katz
Assistant Treasurer: Mara Kaplan
Secretary: Lynn Rubenson
Financial Secretary: Josh Lederer

Immediate Past President: Philip L. Lehman
Past President: Nancy E. Gale

Elected/”At Large” Trustees
First Two-year Term Ending 2021
Marc Adelsheimer
Marcia Baumfeld
Rachel Kudrick
Brianna McDonough (filling unexpired term)
Paul Pitts
Samantha Skobel

Second Two-year Term Ending 2022
Morgan Faeder
Suzie Hauptman
William Taxay
Lynda Wrenn

First Two-year Term Ending 2022
Jeremy Burton
Mike Gordon
Rebecca Jacobson

Center/Auxiliary Board Representatives and Heads



Board Rep




Term ends 2022

Susan Blackman 

Susan Blackman

Term ends 2021

Todd Miller

Harton Wolf, Joe Weinkle

Youth Group  (PARTY)


Hadley Kalson

Neshama Center
Term ends 2022

Michael Collura 

Michael Collura

Midrash Center



B'racha Center


Mara Kaplan

Tikkun Olam Center
Term ends 2020


Brianna McDonough














Executive Committee/Personnel Practices Committee: Saul Straussman
Nominating Committee:  Philip L. Lehman
Financial Committee/Budget/Financial Policy/Investment Committees: Jerry Katz
Memorial Park Committee: NA
Bylaws Committee: Stephen Jurman
Facilities Committee: Jerry Katz
Development Committee: Philip L. Lehman
Annual Fundraising Committee: NA
Program Coordinating Committee: Stephen Jurman

Ad Hoc
Marketing Committee:  Lynn Rubenson
Strategic Planning Committee [Vision 2025]: Alison Yazer, Josh Lederer
Membership and Engagement Committee: None
Settled Senior Rabbi Search Committee: Lynn Magid Lazar, Rick Rosenthal

Program Enhancement Committee: Josh Breslau

Lifetime Honorary Trustees
Shirley Goldstein
Ellen F. Katzen
Estelle Mann
Carol Rosenthal (voting 2017-2035)

Past Presidents

  1. Hon. Benjamin Lencher (1946-1948)*
  2. Harry H. Buchman (1948-1950)*
  3. Marcus Shafer (1950-1956)*
  4. Irwin Lockhart (1956-1959)*
  5. Nathan Katzen (1959-1962)*
  6. Oscar A. Spirer (1962-1964)*
  7. Morris Ginsburg (1964-1967)*
  8. Isadore H. Abrams (1967-1968)*
  9. Samuel N. Goldman (1968-1970)*
  10. Carl Hamburg (1970-1973)*
  11. Norman P. Wolken (1973-1975)*
  12. Louis S. Frankel (1975-1977)*
  13. Lee Hammerschmidt (1977-1979)*
  14. H. Jerome Zoffer, PhD (1979-1981)§
  15. Herman D. Greenberg (1981-1983)*
  16. Linda Leebov Goldston (1983-1985)*
  17. Simon Kellman (1985-1987)*
  18. Rhoda Dorfzaun (1987-1989)§
  19. Alan Cookson (1989-1991)*
  20. Fredda Stang (1991-1993)*
  21. Robert M. Katzen (1993-1995)§
  22. Louise R. Malakoff (1995-1997)§
  23. Marvin B. Adelson (1997-1999)§
  24. William Brandeis (1999-2001)§
  25. Jay Silberblatt (2001-2003)§
  26. Rita Pollock (2003-2005)§
  27. Robert S. Bernstein (2005-2007)§
  28. Frank Schwarz (2007-2009)§
  29. Edward Korenman (2009-2011)§
  30. David Hirsch (2011-2013) (voting)
  31. Richard D. Kalson (2013-2015) (voting)
  32. Nancy E. Gale (2015-2017) (voting)
  33. Philip L. Lehman, PhD (2017-2019) (voting)

§ Emeritus/Emerita (non-voting)

Mon, April 12 2021 30 Nisan 5781