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Our Mission

Brotherhood serves our congregation and supports its efforts; advances Reform Judaism ideals, values and practices; provides a set of role models for fellow congregants and children spanning both the religious and the secular; and fosters the bonding and fellowship of our temple family. Learn more about our mission through The Men of Reform Judaism.

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A Letter from Brotherhood Chairs


Temple Sinai’s Brotherhood welcomes and congratulates you on your membership for 2022–23. The new and improved Brotherhood Membership Committee, faced with the daunting task of increasing membership, came up with the following ingenious campaign;

All male members of Temple Sinai, 21 years of age or older, are now, officially, members of Brotherhood. Enrollment campaign over; job well done.

So you may ask, “What about all the rest—like dues, meetings, sign-up, etc.?” The answer is: It is all up to you. Brotherhood did the hard part in getting you signed up. 

Dues are optional, so there is no cost to you although donations are always welcome. Click to donate. Meetings are optional, so you don’t have to attend. Sign-ups are optional, so you don’t have to “do that” or “be there.” Programs and activities are optional, so you don’t have to "find out,” learn, or enjoy. Giving back is optional, so you don’t have to get that “good feeling.”

However, while the new and improved Brotherhood asks nothing of its members, it stands ready and willing to accept whatever you wish to give; to welcome you with open arms at any meeting and encourage you to have a voice in what goes on (remember, it’s your Brotherhood now); to embrace your attendance at, and participation in, the programs and activities it sponsors (along with your input as to what programs and/or activities Brotherhood should sponsor); to offer you the opportunity to give back to others and the community so that you may experience the good feeling and joy that naturally flow from such mitzvahs.

In other words, along with welcoming you and all our new-found members, Temple Sinai Brotherhood would like to acknowledge that it is not your father’s Brotherhood—it is yours, and that joining by itself has no mutual benefit, but participation pays tremendous dividends to all.

As Brotherhood embarks on its new journey, some of which is in uncharted waters, it will bring along those programs and activities that have shown the greatest success in support of our Temple Sinai Family including: providing greeters at Shabbat and other services and temple gatherings (a great way to meet people); Monthly Discussion Group, Monthly Weekday Lunches, Passover wine sale; Sunday brunch programs—see the website calendar and email for details); candles for Yom Hashoah commemoration; and Guys Night Out get-togethers. Having you join in these fun and rewarding programs and activities is just the beginning. Having you shape and expand the Brotherhood experience is the goal.

Joe Weinkle                            Harton Wolf
Co-Chair                                Co-Chair

If you are not already receiving Brotherhood emails and you would like to, sign up here!

Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784