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Falk Library

The Falk Library is a circulating and reference library supporting the Temple Sinai community by providing recreational and informational books on Judaism and Jewish life, history, and culture.

The Library is located on the 1st floor, just past the Lockhart Lounge. It is open to the public but only Temple Sinai members, staff, or Religious School teachers may check books out.

To check out books in the Library, we use the old fashioned system – print your name, phone number, and the date on the card in the pocket at the front of the book and leave the card in the box by the back window. (Only Temple Sinai Members, Staff, and Religious School teachers may check books out.)

Click here to access the catalog for the Falk Library.
Click here for more information about how to use the catalog.

(Note: The circulation component has not been implemented, so all materials are listed as "available." To determine actual availability, contact the Library at






Want to Volunteer or to host a book related program in the Library? Please contact us at

The Library will gladly consider book donations. The books must be in good condition, must not duplicate items already in the collection, and must support the primary mission of the Library. The Library reserves the right to refuse any donation that does not meet these criteria. These books will be returned to the donor, sold or traded, or passed on to other agencies. If someone has a large number of books to donate, special arrangements can be made to examine the collection at the donor’s home. A “thank you” letter to be used for tax purposes can be provided upon request; Temple Sinai will not provide a monetary evaluation. Donations may be noted with “In Honor Of”, “In Memory Of,” or “Donated By” bookplates, upon request. There is a green plastic bin in the Kreiger Entrance for donations.

The Library maintains a Wish List of titles we are currently looking for. Click here to see if you might have some of these to donate.

Monetary donations to the Library Fund are also gratefully accepted and may be made by check or through the Temple Sinai Donate link.

Unfortunately, the Library is not currently handicapped accessible. A Library volunteer would be happy to make an appointment to assist any user needing extra help.

To check the availability of a book, or if you have any questions, please email us at



How to Search:
Common searches are done by keyword, title, author, or subject. Keyword searches return the most records, and are recommended for general use. Keyword searching is the default setting. To search by another method, choose a type of search from the pull down menu. Enter a term to search by, and click the "Search" button. If the search is successful, a list of holdings that meet the search criterion will be listed.

Search Results:
The search will return a list of titles with associated call numbers (and year of publication and ISBN number, if available). Special indicators found in the first part of the call number are defined as follows:

“F” – fiction book
"q" – oversized
"Ref." – non-circulating reference book
“q Ref” – oversized non-circulating reference book

At present, the circulation module has not been implemented; therefore, there is no way to know if the book is "in."

Viewing Records:
To view detailed information about a title, click on the title of a book found in the search results. This record will show title, author, publication information, subject headings, and a brief description, if available.

Request Reserve:
If a desired book is checked out, you may request that it be held for you upon its return by contacting us at

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