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Contact Leslie Fleisher, Development Director, at (412) 421-9715 ext 133 or, if you have any questions or would like to discuss making a donation. 


Temple Sinai is honored to be a part of your life in so many ways: prayer, lifecycle events, B’nei Mitzvah, child and adult education, and social justice. Consider a donation to one of our funds today (listed below) to secure continued excellence of all that we do. If you have any questions, contact Judy Aiello at or (412) 421-9715 ext. 124. Donations will be acknowledged in ChaiLights.

B’racha Center Fund The B’racha Center uses donations to support the entire congregation with acts of loving kindness including shiva support.

Building Fund In addition to regular maintenance, our historic synagogue requires ongoing repairs and improvements to keep the building functional, up to code, and up to your expectations.

Clergy Discretionary Funds (Rabbi Fellman, Cantor Reinwald, Rabbi Emeritus Gibson) Donations to these funds will be used at the discretion of our clergy to support congregational and community needs, as well as professional development and special projects.

Caring Connection Fund Donations to this fund provide food and other items to families with new babies, our recently converted, those who just suffered a loss, and to welcome our new members.

CREATes (Cheryl Ryave Radov Enjoying Arts at Temple Sinai) Fund Donate to support arts, crafts, and other creative endeavors especially for our ever-growing Tot Shabbats.

Disability Inclusion Fund This fund will enable people with disabilities to participate more fully in Temple Sinai. It will pay for things such as sign language interpreters, transportation, small building modifications, and large print prayerbooks.

Garden Beautification Fund Donate to support the care of our beautiful grounds.

General Operating Fund This is a general fund supporting all of Temple Sinai.

Jewish Learning Scholarship Fund Give the precious gift of a Jewish education to those who need assistance to attend our religious school.

Library Fund Donations go to the purchase of books and other needs of the Falk Library.

Live Broadcast Fund Support our efforts to continue offering our services online for those who are not able to attend onsite.

Midrash Center Fund This fund supports the religious school.

Moving Forward Fund This is a general fund supporting all of Temple Sinai.

Music Fund This fund supports our musical program including music for Shabbat and High Holy Day Services as well as the Temple Sinai Band and Choir.

Neshama Center Fund Donations will support the Neshama Center to maintain an engaging and inclusive sacred community for Jewish spirituality.
Program Enhancement Fund Support special programs and events at Temple Sinai.

Pulpit Flower Fund Donate to provide beautiful flowers for the Leebov Sanctuary.

Ryave Children’s Library Fund Donate to keep the library up to date with books our children will enjoy.

Security Fund This fund covers security personnel, as well as the installation, regular maintenance, and updates to our state-of-the-art security systems.

Tikkun Olam Center Fund Donate to support our efforts to repair the world.

Vegetable Garden Fund The produce from our vegetable garden is donated to the Squirrel Hill Food Pantry and other area organizations. Help support our efforts to feed the hungry in our community.

Youth Activities Fund Support our youth with their educational and fun activities.

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