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When all of your children are taught of the Eternal, great will be the peace of your children.” (Isaiah 54:13)

Read about our Nathan and Hilda Katzen Center for Jewish Learning.


Learning the TorahAdult Education

Temple Sinai offers a spectrum of Jewish education series for adults providing ways to satisfy an appetite for Jewish learning, spiritual growth, and modern discourse on an ancient religion.

Our Adult Education programming provides members of our community with assorted opportunities to enrich their lives through Jewish learning. Whether you're new to Judaism or Jewish concepts, or grew up surrounded by Jewish texts, there is always more to learn. Our approach to Adult Education is to meet people wherever they are and help them on the next steps in their Jewish journey. Learn more

Children's Programming

The Nathan and Hilda Katzen Center for Jewish Learning provides ongoing opportunities for formal as well as informal Jewish education for pre-school children through high school-aged students. For grades K-2, 3-5 & 6-8 there are project-based classes, which allow kids to learn about the foods, culture and music of their heritage. Learn more

Confirmation Class of 2017Confirmation

Jewish learning continues beyond B’nei Mitzvah! Each year, our Tenth Grade students participate in a meaningful course of Jewish learning. They complete the year by leading Erev Shavuot (Eve of Shavuot) services together as a class, as we celebrate our students’ confirmed status as members of the adult Jewish community.

Confirmation involves our students in an exploration of beliefs and practices that shape the life of the adult Jew. Instructed by Rabbi Gibson, our students struggle with their own theology, learn traditional and creative models of exploring those basic beliefs through prayer, and research the thoughts of others as they develop their own statement about God. The year includes a powerful Shabbat retreat and an on-going tzedakah commitment. Learn more

Children in Leebov SanctuaryB'nei Mitzvah

There is a powerful spiritual moment during the service celebrating a child in our community becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Temple Sinai. That is the moment when the Torah from which the young person will read is passed through the generations of his or her family.

Why does this simple ritual have such power to move us? This is where we move beyond words of teaching and guidance to something that is deeply felt and concrete. We learn the words of Torah, but when we become Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we are called to live Torah too. Learn more about this sacred ritual, find resources and more here.



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