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Rabbi Gibson's Sermons

Shabbat Korach, “Quiet Rebellion, ”June 19, 2020

Parshat B’midbar, Who Counts?  Who is Counted?  For What It’s Worth, May 22, 2020

Rosh Hashanah II 5780 "All Abraham’s Children"

Kol Nidre (Early) 5780 "To Trust And Entrust"

Kol Nidre 5780 "Our Vows, Our Torah, Our Love"

Yizkor 5780 "Where Were You That Day?"

Kol Nidre 5779-Come On Home

Rosh HaShanah 5779-The Fear of Isaac

Yom Kippur 5778-All Of You – This Day

Yizkor 5778-Dadilies

Rosh Hashanah 5778-Three Days To Impossible

Children of Abraham Sunday service at East Liberty Presbyterian Church, November 2016-Bridging The Chasm – With Blessings

Yom Kippur 5777-Kol Nidre-Now, I Know Better

Yizkor 5777-Who Will Say Kaddish For Us?

Rosh Hashanah 5777-Mah Atah Ro-eh? What Do You See?

Parshat Bemidbar May 2015-No Justice, Peace; No Peace, Justice

Yizkor 5775-Jewish Heroes, Book 3

Kol Nidre 5775-Tomorrow Better Than Yesterday

Rosh Hashanah 5775 2-Three Letters

Rosh Hashanah 5775 1-Can We Talk?

Shabbat Mishpatim January 2014-The Law – Who Decides What?

Yizkor 5774-It’s Complicated

Rosh Hashanah 5774-God’s Foil

Erev Rosh Hashanah 5774-Lest We Forget

Shabbat Vayishlach November 2012-Stay Or Go?–Thoughts On Hungarian Jewry

Yizkor 5773-Altered Forever

Kol Nidre 5773-Promises, Promises

Rosh Hashanah 5773-God’s Foil

Shabbat HaChodesh March 2012-A Faith That Unites, A Faith That Divides

Shabbat Ki Tisa March 2012-From Jerusalem To Tehran: Close In Miles, Yet World Apart

Yizkor 5772-May We Be Blessed

Kol Nidre 5772-Moment of Truth

Rosh Hashanah 5772-The Fire Within

Yizkor 5771-The Death of Moses

Kol Nidre 5771-Regrets Only

Rosh Hashanah 5771-Three Isaacs

Tazria.18-When Things Fall Apart


Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784