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Memorial Park Memories

At Temple Sinai Memorial Park, we know that your loved one’s memories are very important to you. We are honored to share stories about them so that they are more than just names and dates to us and to others interested in Memorial Park. To submit memories, email Tami Prine, Marketing & Communications Director, at

A memory of my mother, Freda Steinberg Bloch, written by her daughter, Ellen Steinberg Karch.

My Mother was born Freda Morgan, in 1920, and was raised on the Hill and in Oakland. She graduated from Schenley High School, and she married her beloved Kenny in 1943.  

After World War II, he started a pharmacy in the town of Pitcairn. With my father working long and late hours, their goal was to live somewhere equidistant from Pitcairn and the Jewish community in Squirrel Hill. By 1953 Forest Hills was chosen, where I enjoyed a lovely childhood and still maintain several friendships from those days.  

Here is the memory that I wish to share: My Mother devoted herself to encouraging and supporting our ties to the Jewish community. We joined Temple Sinai in the late 1950’s, and she drove me to countless classes and activities from then on,  including Confirmation, post-Confirmation, temple youth group, etc. I cannot remember her ever complaining. Mom also made her own individual contribution by her leadership in B’nai Brith, where she became President of her local Ardmore chapter in 1960. She helped me establish a pattern of temple involvement which is still central to my life today. I am very grateful.


A Memory of my Father, Irvin Kenneth Steinberg, written by his daughter Ellen Steinberg Karch.

My father’s name was actually Irvin Kenneth Steinberg, but he was always known as Kenny. He was outgoing, very intelligent, and fun to be around.

From the late 1940’s to the late 1960’s, he owned and operated Ken’s Pharmacy in Pitcairn, where he was both beloved and respected by the town’s residents. I saw that for myself both in the early years when we lived there, and also later when I would go to Pitcairn to help out at the store. I was an excellent duster of the merchandise before I was old enough to wait on customers. But my very strong and clear memory is how proud he was of me, and how happy that pride made me feel.

I can imagine myself working on dusting or some other chore, as my Dad welcomed some customers walking into the store. There would be a moment or two of friendly greeting, and then I would hear him ask, “Have you met my daughter Ellen?” And I always knew what I would hear next. “Ellen!” My Dad was calling me over to where he was standing with the customers, so he could introduce me. I can still feel that pride even now, over 60 years later—and I still cherish it.


Alvin M.Bodek, M.D. was a loving, caring and generous husband, father and gentleman as well as a dedicated family doctor. He loved dogs and jazz.  He was proud of his Jewish heritage. He was always a  "mensch." 

From his second wife, Gloria Silberblatt Bodek, who returned his love.

Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyar 5784