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Open Doors 2024

In their nearly 40 years with Temple Sinai, Frank and Carolyn Schwarz have exemplified the Jewish values of chesed, da’at, binah—lovingkindness, knowledge, and understanding. They have affirmed these values through countless hours of study, prayer, leadership 
and service. 

Lovingkindness fosters empathy, solidarity, and a sense of belonging. Frank and Carolyn have opened their hearts and home to countless visitors to Sinai and Pittsburgh, and have volunteered for numerous social action activities. By honoring those who exemplify lovingkindness, we acknowledge their capacity to uplift others, alleviate suffering, and cultivate harmony. 

Frank and Carolyn have deepened their knowledge of Judaism through participation in Jewish educational activities in Pittsburgh, nationally at the URJ, and internationally at the Hartman Institute in Israel, underscoring the intrinsic value of learning and intellectual growth. By recognizing the achievements of knowledgeable individuals, we affirm the importance of education as a catalyst for personal development and societal advancement.

Understanding is the ability to empathize and comprehend the perspectives of others, to bridge divides, resolve conflicts, and foster genuine connections with people from diverse backgrounds. Frank and Carolyn have demonstrated a commitment to understanding through their leadership, fostering inclusive communities where differences are celebrated and cooperation thrives. 

In celebrating the Jewish values of lovingkindness, knowledge, and understanding, we also honor the enduring legacy of remarkable people whose lives are dedicated to these pursuits. Frank and Carolyn Schwarz have inspired us to connect more deeply and meaningfully with our Jewish traditions and values. 

We sincerely hope you will join us in honoring them at this year’s Open Doors Award celebration.

~ Event Co-chairs 
    George & Laura Arnold 
    Larry & Barbara Shuman

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Laura & George Arnold 

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The Discretionary Fund of Rabbi Daniel Fellman
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Ellen & Robert Katzen
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Matt Schwarz, Tim Schwarz, Jennifer Knight, Owen Schwarz, & Charlotte Schwarz
Harton Wolf
Women of Temple Sinai

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Arleen Adelson

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Sharon Back & William Padnos
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Arlene & William Brandeis
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Morgan & James Faeder
In loving memory of Shirley Goldstein z"l
Diana Goodman & Jacob Schiller
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Darcy Hunter Gordon & Michael Gordon
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Byron Gottfried
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Ann & David Hirsch

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Paula Jane Ingram
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Mara & Richard Kaplan & Family
Amy Kellman
Eileen Kraus-Dobratz
Judy & Charles Kreiger
Susan & Eric Kruman
Vivian & Alan Lawsky
Lisa & Josh Lederer
Jill Fain Lehman & Philip Lehman
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Brianna McDonough & Derek Atkinson 
Jane & Michael Mendlow
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In loving memory of Elliott Oshry z"l
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The Discretionary Fund of Cantor Reinwald
Rodef Shalom Congregation
Ann Bass Roth & Richard Roth
Lynn Rubenson
Pamela & Joshua Rubin
Louisa & James Rudolph
Andrea & Brian Ruttenberg
Judith Patz Sadowsky & Stewart Sadowsky
Denise & John Schiller
Mary Ann & Ted Schwarz
Barbara & Edwin Siegel
Rebecca Siegel & Arthur Pitt
Myrna & Lee Silverman
Lori Sisson & Jay Silberblatt
Marcie Solomon & Nathan Goldblatt
Joan Stein
Carol & David Steinbach
Natalie Sumetsky
Mallary Swartz & Jonathan Berkowitz
Sally Schweitzer
Tamar & Ernest Tolentino
Jeanette Trauth & Stephen Jurman

Kellee Van Aken & Saul Straussman
Phyllis & Joe Weinkle
Margaret & Frederick Whelan
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Ronnie Cook Zuhlke & Frederick Zuhlke

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Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784