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Membership Pledge 2020

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We are connected through our spirituality and our desire to repair the world. We are connected through learning and by our resilience to practice our faith no matter where we are. 

This year, as we remotely join together in services and lifecycle events, your Temple Sinai family is here for you. While we hope that before long we once again can gather in person (following health and safety guidelines, of course), we are still together for each other. We are Temple Sinai.

Together, we will remain vital, relevant, and dedicated to our Jewish values as we explore new, creative ways to enhance and strengthen our community. 

Especially this year, as we navigate life with COVID-19, your Membership Pledge is an 
opportunity to show you care about your Temple Sinai family, some of whom have lost jobs or been financially impacted. 

We invite you to reflect on what is affordable for your family; what is a meaningful commitment, a gift of the heart; and what will support Temple Sinai’s financial needs.

Whether your family has been here for the entire 75 years of our existence or you are joining in 2020, we are grateful for everyone. You are our heart, our strength, and our hope for the future. 


What is Temple Sinai’s Budget, and How is it Used? Our $2 million budget goes to offer worship, lifecycle events, education for all 
ages, social justice initiatives, music, salaries and insurance for our clergy and staff, maintain our building, and so much more. (See breakdown to the right.)

What is the Sustaining Amount? The sustaining number is our estimate of the amount required on a per household basis to cover all of Temple Sinai’s costs. The sustaining number is $2,645 this year. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different and just ask that you give to the best of your ability.

Why is the Sustaining Amount Important? The sustaining amount is a meaningful indicator to consider as you determine your Pledge. 
Use it as a guide to understand Temple Sinai’s budget and needs. 

What if I Can Give More? We encourage anyone who can give more to do so in order to support those who aren’t able. Please consider one of the higher levels listed on the Pledge Commitment sheet.

Why Do We Have a Security Assessment? Keeping everyone safe is one of our highest priorities. We are constantly monitoring our security needs in light of increased antisemitism. As part of Pledge, we ask everyone to pay $100 to help offset the additional expenses of security upgrades and armed security professionals. 

Why Do We Have a Building Assessment? As part of Pledge, we ask everyone to pay $100 to meet the needs of ongoing building maintenance, repairs, and improvements required to keep Temple Sinai functional, accessible, and comfortable for everyone.

Mon, September 27 2021 21 Tishrei 5782