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Membership Pledge 2023



Thanks to annual Pledges and donations from dedicated congregants like you, Temple Sinai remains in good financial health. We let our Jewish values guide us in all our decision-making for synagogue programs and 
events, religious school and youth programming, inspiring worship services, music, and improvements 
to our physical building, ensuring that every dollar of your commitment goes towards supporting and 
strengthening the community you love.

In 2022, Pledges covered 47% of Temple Sinai’s annual budget. Over the past year, the added challenge of double-digit inflation has impacted everything from catering prices, program materials, and building maintenance to insurance premiums and staff wages. To continue meeting community needs and expanding our reach to new members, we need to grow 2023–2024 Pledges to at least 50–52% of our budget. 

We ask that you take your Pledge amount very seriously and consider the value that Temple Sinai brings to you. How much do you cherish a space where we join together for meals, learning, and simchahs? What do High Holy Day and Shabbat services mean to you? How do you value the Jewish education that your children and grandchildren receive? What does it mean to have caring clergy celebrate and comfort you in times of joy and sorrow? We hope that when you are finished contemplating these questions, you will make a Pledge that reflects your hopes and wishes for what we can accomplish together as a financially strong and vibrant congregation. 


Temple Sinai offers the rarest of commodities—COMMUNITY. In a world of countless possibilities for time and involvement, Temple Sinai stands out for the love and devotion it fosters for its members and for the greater community.

~ Rabbi Daniel Fellman


WHY IS AN INCREASE IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP PLEDGE SO IMPORTANT? Operating a non-profit organization takes careful financial planning. Proper management of our annual operating budget and our endowment enables us to remain financially nimble and adapt to unforeseen factors that might affect Temple life, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting inflation. 

Our consideration of Temple Sinai’s immediate needs is always balanced by an equal obligation towards our future. The financial commitment you make through your annual Pledge is what enables us to create and sustain truly inspiring, innovative, and inclusive programming that reflects our shared Jewish values. 

HOW IS A MEMBERSHIP PLEDGE DIFFERENT THAN DUES? Your membership Pledge is a voluntary contribution—an amount determined by YOU—that represents how you value Temple Sinai’s clergy, programs, lifecycle events, social justice initiatives, education, music, and more, as well as a reflection of your giving capacity. By asking for an annual Pledge of support instead of predetermined membership dues, we hope to “widen the gates” to Temple Sinai and lower financial barriers to entry, thereby ensuring a sense of inclusion, accessibility, and belonging for everyone who wishes to be part of synagogue life.

WHAT IS THE SUSTAINING AMOUNT? The sustaining amount is the estimate of what would be the contribution per-household that would cover all of Temple Sinai’s annual operating expenses without the need for additional fundraising (not including the Building Assessment and Security Assessment described below). The sustaining amount for 2023–2024 is $2,750. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different and that not every household can Pledge $2,750 or more; however, we urge everyone to give to the best of their ability. Even a small increase from each household will help us meet our goal of raising 50–52% of our annual budget through Pledge.

WHY IS THERE A BUILDING ASSESSMENT? In addition to regular maintenance, our beautiful, historic synagogue requires ongoing repairs and improvements to keep the building functional, up to code, and up to your expectations. Over the past year, your Building Assessment dollars paid $90,000 for a new school wing roof, made significant repairs to the HVAC system, and replaced hot water tanks.

WHY DO WE NEED A SECURITY & SAFETY ASSESSMENT? Your $100 Security & Safety Assessment provides Temple Sinai with security personnel, as well as the installation, regular maintenance, and updates to our state-of-the-art security systems.

Photo credit: Dale Lazar (1&2); Tami Opyoke Prine (3); Danie Oberman (4)

Wed, April 24 2024 16 Nisan 5784