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Random Acts of Torah in Honor of Rabbi Jamie Gibson’s Retirement

Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, the former surgeon general of the United States, was quoted in The New York Times, saying, "Helping another person can be an incredibly powerful experience that not only forms a connection between people, but also reaffirms to ourselves that we're bringing value to the world."

In this time of uncertainty, we hope you will feel inspired to reach out to others in our community to help them with their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  

As we celebrate the writing of our new Torah scroll, we challenge you to perform at
least one Random Act of Torah daily—even while confined at home. These mitzvot are not pre-planned. As you go through your day, keep your eyes open for ways that you can help others and take action. (Sample ideas are listed below.)

When you are involved in a Random Act, either as the initiator or the recipient, let us
know! Fill out the Random Act of Torah form below. OR, download our leaf sheet, write out your Random Act, take a selfie, and send us your photo or video! Post it to social media using #RandomActsofTorahPGH OR email it to (Don't worry; we will put all submissions on the tree in our building as soon as we are able. Let's fill the tree with Random Acts of Torah!)

Random Acts of Torah Ideas

• Call (phone or video call) a family member, friend, or neighbor to cheer them up or offer assistance. • Help a neighbor in need with groceries or other supplies. • Donate to those in need through a food bank or other reputable fund. • Help someone navigate technology to set up ways to communicate with friends and loved ones. • Donate blood. • Leave messages of gratitude for sanitation workers and delivery people. • If ordering take out or delivery from local restaurants, tip well. • Forgive someone. 
• Give someone a book you think they might like. • Tell someone how much you appreciate them. • Compliment someone. • Listen carefully. • Pick up trash. • Recycle. • Advocate on an issue.

Ritual Acts of Torah Ideas
• Light Shabbat candles.  • Rest on Shabbat.  • Call the sick to check on them.  • Comfort mourners.  • Pursue justice.  • Give tzedakah.  • Find Shehechyanu moments—see or do something for the first time.



Thu, May 19 2022 18 Iyar 5782