Rosh Chodesh Group (Sh'vat)

Our Rosh Chodesh group, founded by Ruth Reidbord, has been meeting in members’ homes for more than 18 years. We open with introductions, candle-lighting and wine blessings. The heart of the meeting is a lively and provocative discussion of a short story, essay, memoir or midrash (creative interpretation of a Biblical or Talmudic story) written by a Jewish woman, occasionally including a Skype call with the author. We close with a song and refreshments. All Temple Sinai women are welcome! Please join us for learning, community, and inspiration.

Host: Ruth Reidbord
Discussion leader: Sharon Dillworth
Molly Antopol, “My Grandmother Tells Me This Story,” in The Unamericans, 59-84
The grandmother’s life with the narrator’s future grandfather in the Resistance.

For Rosh Chodesh information or story PDFs please contact Lynn Magid Lazar at [email protected]. Read more about Rosh Chodesh.

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