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Next DOR Projects First Trimester 2020–2021

Our students were hard at work in the first trimester learning about traditional Jewish foods, movies, folktales, and culture. They wanted to share some of their final projects with you.


Jewish Holiday Cookbook

Close your eyes and imagine the aroma of a warm honey cake just out of the oven, the crisp, slightly oniony smell of potato latkes, and matzah balls bubbling away. Every Jewish family has its favorite holiday foods that are handed down from generation to generation. These special recipes are part of our rich cultural and religious heritage. This semester we gathered and shared a collection of our favorite holiday recipes, stories, photographs, and artwork to tell the story of our personal family holiday traditions. Taught by Morah Alli Mayer.


Jewish Food, Jewish Culture 

The famous holiday saying goes: “They tried to kill us, they failed; let’s eat!” But what foods do we eat and how does that influence our culture? Throughout the trimester, we explored the different sects of Judaism by cooking and eating traditional foods for Jews of different ethnic backgrounds, including Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and Mizrahi Jews, and Jews who live in different geographic areas. Through their food, we learned about their culture and what makes each group unique but also brings us together as Jews. Taught by Morah Haley Director.

Jewish Folktales

In this class, we encountered a variety of fables, fairy-tales, stories, and myths of Jewish origin. Folklore is an important way to connect to our history and the experiences of our Jewish ancestors. We will discuss why these stories are important, and what we can take away from them to add to our own lives as Jews. This class will use creativity and outside-the-box thinking to understand and convey the importance of storytelling. If you enjoy stories, whether they be about monsters, or heroes, this is the class for you! Taught by Morah Liora Hassan.

Movie Night

We became movie critics. Together we started the new Temple Sinai Jewish Movie Database. During the week, we watched the movies with our families. Then on Sundays, we explored the history, the Jewish values, and how the movie made us feel and think. We watched: Jazz Singer with Danny Thomas, Fiddler on the Roof, American Tail, The Chosen, Finding Dory, and more. Taught by Morah Mara Kaplan.

Click to view the movie reviews.

Asking Big Questions

Through journal writing and discussions, students nurtured their sense of wonder and respect for the world around us. We tackled big questions such as "Where Do We Come From," "What Happens When We Die," "Does G-d Exist," "Why Do Bad Things Happen," and many more! Taught by Morah Stephanie Biersdorff.

Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784